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Carlisle EPDM Bonding Adhesive- 5 Gallon
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Carlisle EPDM Bonding Adhesive- 5 Gallon

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"Let Carlisle simplify your next Carlisle EPDM installation with their 90-8-30A Bonding Adhesive. 90-8-30A Bonding Adhesive is a high-strength, solvent-based contact adhesive that allows quick bonding of cured flashings and membranes to various substrates. This adhesive is specially formulated for application with a 1?2"" (13 mm) medium nap roller. This Bonding Adhesive is designed for bonding all Carlisle EPDM to various substrates."

Tech Specs
  •  No mixing required
  •  Solvent-free and non-fl ammable
  •  Odor free 
  •  Complies with Low-VOC regulations
  • Provides excellent adhesion between various substrates and non-reinforced EPDM membranes
  • Carlisle’s Solvent-Free EPDM Bonding Adhesive – 100 square feet (30 m²) per gallon of fi nished surface
  • 5 gallon pail
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