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Karnak Karna-Klean Asphalt and Tar Remover


1 qt bottle


Karna-Klean is a biodegradable non-toxic petroleum free cleaner/degreaser with all natural ingredients. The base ingredient in this highly concentrated formulation is a natural solvent obtained from orange peel and pulp, giving Karna-Klean a pleasant scent of fresh oranges. Karna-Klean is an extremely versatile cleaner/degreaser capable of removing the toughest grease, tar, lubricants, adhesives and asphalt. Karna-Klean can be safely used to clean aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, concrete and most plastics and painted surfaces. Using Karna-Klean can reduce your costs especially if you are presently using products containing petroleum distillates, alcohol or other hazardous materials. Karna-Klean affords you the opportunity to utilize one product to clean and degrease your entire facility safely and effectively.

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