MasterSeal NP1 Medium Bronze – 10 pack


Due to a lack of availability of NP1, CRS suggests another alternative to this product called DuraLink 35 by Chemlink.  Click ‘here’ to see the colors available through CRS Inc!

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MasterSeal NP1 Medium Bronze

MasterSeal NP-1 Caulk is a versatile moisture-curing high performance polyurethane sealant with permanent elasticity.

NP-1 Caulk is great for active, vertical and horizontal interior, exterior joints. Other uses for NP-1 include expansion wall joints, floor and pavement joints, curtain walls, panel walls, precast walls, window frames, structural components, dams, spillways and storm-water drains. Substrates include concrete, masonry, aluminium and wood.


  • Ready to use Requires no mixing; reduces labor costs
  • Joint movement capability ±35% Provides excellent flexibility for keeping moving joints tight
  • Easy to gun and tool Speeds application and makes neater joints
  • Available in cartridges, Reduces jobsite waste, lowers disposal costs 20 ounce ProPaks, and in bulk
  • Gray Caulk color Matches common substrates
  • No primer required for most Lowers installation costs construction materials
  • Weather resistant Produces long-lasting weather-tight seals • Wide temperature-application range Suitable for all climates
  • Compatible with nonrigid coatings May be painted
  • Superior holding power Long-lasting roof tile instalation
  • UL listed Passes 4 hour, 4 inch, fire and hose stream test when used with Ultra Block
  • Suitable for water immersion Documented performance in wet areas
  • Low VOC content Meets VOC requirements in all 50 states

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