Tie Down Penetrator 2 + 2


Tie-Down Part #40640

Tie Down Penetrator 2 + 2 Mobile Fall Protection

When set up properly the Tie Down Penetrator 2+2 is a mobile fall protection device that allows for two workers to be tied off for fall arrest using the specially designed fall arrest connection mechanism with two individual attachment points. An additional two workers can be tied-off for fall restraint at the specified attachment points.

Fall Restraint System:

A Fall Restraint System (FRS) prevents the user from falling. The system is comprised of a body harness along with an anchorage, connectors and other equipment. The components typically include a lanyard and also may include a lifeline and other devices. The Penetrator 2+2 can be used as an anchorage in a fall restraint system for up to two workers but does not include the body harness and other components. If you would like to see our selection of fall protection and restraint components, please click ‘here’.

Personal Fall Arrest System – A personal fall arrest system (PFAS) arrests a fall after a fall incident has occurred. The system is comprised of an anchor point, connecting device, body harness, connectors, and a body harness and must include a deceleration system, or suitable combinations. Note that a PFAS does NOT prevent a fall from occurring. The Penetrator 2+2 can be used as an anchorage in a PFAS for up to two workers. A Personal Fall Arrest System must meet the following OSHA requirements:

  • Limit maximum arresting force on an employee to 1,800 pounds when used with a body harness
  • Be rigged (lifeline plus deceleration device) so that an employee can neither free-fall more than 6 feet (1.8 meters) nor contact any lower level
  • Bring an employee to a complete stop and limit maximum deceleration distance an employee travels to OSHA 3.5 feet (1.07 meters); and 4 ft. per ANSI 359.
  • Have sufficient strength to withstand twice the potential impact energy of an employee free-falling a distance of 6 feet (1.8 meters) or the free-fall distance permitted by the system, whichever is less.

Anchorage — An anchorage is a secure point of attachment for lifelines, lanyards, or deceleration devices. The Penetrator 2+2 is a mobile anchorage.


Product Manual

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