Tie Down Penetrator 2 + 2 Mobile Fall Protection


Tie-Down Part #40640


Penetrator 2 + 2

The Penetrator 2 + 2 mobile fall protection system offers both unparalleled portability and compact design. Ships job-site ready on a standard pallet, handles are retractable and pin into place. Optional Cover available for rooftop storage when not in use. Remove cover for fall protection compliance at a moment’s notice for any workers requiring roof top access. The Penetrator 2+2 provides fall protection for 2 fall arrest and 2 fall restraint or a total of 4 workers. When a fall occurs, the powerful penetrating spikes engage, piercing through roof membrane, insulation as well as metal decking, thus creating a safe, secure fall arrest anchor. For use on most substrates, EXCLUDING concrete, the Penetrator has been tested for use on Built-Up, TPO, ISO, PVC, EPDM, and other standard materials that are part of a finished roof system. The Penetrator 2+2 is reusable, gross weight of Penetrator 2+2 with ballasts is 420 lbs. Can be disassembled into component parts with a maximum weight of 100 lbs. The Penetrator is compliant with OSHA Fall Protection Regulation 1926.502.



Penetrator 2+2 Manual

Additional information

Weight 455 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 38 × 44 in


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