TranzVolt Battery Powered Lift Hoist


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TranzVolt Battery Powered Lift Hoist

The TranzVolt Battery Powered Lift Hoist by Tie Down Engineering is the most efficient and effective powered platform hoist on the market. The TranzVolt system saves time in setup and operation, enabling roofing contractors to lift more materials each day. Multitasking is also easier due to the one-press operation, allowing operators to prepare the next load as the platform moves up. The system uses two 20-Volt batteries (Dewalt 20V Max) and can lift up to 6000 sq. ft. of shingles onto a single story roof on one charge!  The TranzVolt Battery Powered Lift Hoist also has a simple, tool-free setup and can be up and running under 5 minutes.

Advantages of the TranzVolt system

  • Safety – The wireless remote control system allows the operator to stand safely away from the load during operation
  • Speed – The TranzVolt system can lift at speeds up to 2 feet per second, making it the fastest electric hoist on the market
  • Maintenance Free – The all-electric power-train system delivers consistent, maintenance free operation.
  • Eco Friendly – Zero emissions, no gas or oil required
  • Simplicity – Tool-free setup can be complete within 5 minutes
  • Cost Effective – The TranzVolt System pays for itself due to no fuel and maintenance costs, as well as increased productivity

Roofing Kit – Included by default

  • TranzVolt Pwer Carriage
  • TranzVolt Roofing Platform
  • 3 – 8ft. Track Sections
  • 4 ft. Base Section

Solar Kit – Please indicate in “Order Notes” in the Checkout screen

  • TranzVolt Power Carriage
  • TranzVolt Solar Platform (Designed to hoist solar panels)
  • 3 – 8 ft. Track Sections
  • 4 ft. Base Section

Ultimate Kit – Please call 1 (800) 267-2308 and ask for an E-Commerce Representative for quote

  • TranzVolt Power Carriage
  • TranzVolt Roofing Platform
  • TranzVolt Solar Platform
  • 3 – 8ft. Track Section
  • 4 ft. Base Section

Batteries are not included.  Please click ‘here’ if you would like to purchase the batteries and ‘here’ for a fast charger.


TranzVolt Battery Powered Lift Hoist Kit Manual

If you have any technical questions or would like to talked to an E-Commerce Representative about bulk pricing and turnaround times, please call 1 (800) 267.2308.


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