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CRS™’s Tapered Engineering Department specializes in the design of tapered insulation roof systems.

Through proper design, we offer our customers an increased roof life expectancy as a result of positive drainage. Positive drainage plays a key role in preventing premature roof failure. Properly designed tapered systems result in a finished roof system, which will require less maintenance and have a reduced impact upon the buildings structure.

Located at our Doraville, GA facility, our Tapered Engineering Department works directly with architects, consultants and contractors. Using the latest tapered design software in conjunction with AutoCAD, we are able to convert roof plans into finished tapered insulation systems. Upon completion of a tapered insulation system, you will receive a formal quote sheet along with a reduced conceptual design, including all the necessary information required for completing your bid. The conceptual design will be produced in a non-scaled 8.5″ x 11″ format to serve as a visual reference for the system being quoted.

Once you review the system and place the order, we will provide you with full size shop drawings. Shop drawings play a key role in proper field assembly in order to achieve positive drainage. Our shop drawings will consist of scaled tapered systems along with details of tapered and/or cricket panel assemblies.

Submit your information directly to Michael White at 770-458-0539.