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Carlisle Sure-Flex PVC Molded Sealant Pocket


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Carlisle Sure-Flex PVC Molded Sealant Pocket

The Carlisle Sure-Flex PVC Molded Sealant Pocket consist of an interlocking, two-piece, injection-molded flexible pocket with a rigid PVC vertical wall and pre-formed deck flanges. Pockets can be adjusted from 11-½”(292 mm) to 7-½” (190.5 mm) in length by following the cutting lines molded into the pocket. This product, in conjunction with white one-part pourable Sealer, is used to waterproof pipe clusters or other oddly shaped penetrations on Sure-Flex Roofing Systems. Carlisle’s Sure-Flex Molded Sealant Pockets are part of the Certified Fabricated Accessory (CFA) program. Certified Fabricated Accessories are the only factory-fabricated PVC accessories that meet the stringent quality tolerances required to be included in a Carlisle warranted roofing system.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides substantial labor savings compared to field-fabricating a sealant pocket from coated metal or other material
  • Built-in extension legs allow for varying pocket sizes
  • Provides a more consistent and professional professional appearance over hand-made pockets
  • The non-reinforced PVC is enhanced with KEE HP for superior performance
  • Can be used on both PVC and KEE HP Systems


  • Sizes – 7.5″-11.5″ x 6″
  • Packaging – Sold individually by CRS
  • Weight – 0.55 lbs. (0.25 kg)
  • Material – Injection-molded non-reinforced KEE HP enhanced PCV flashing
  • Color – White

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