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CRS Plastic Cement – 5 gallon



CRS™ PLASTIC CEMENT is a professional grade asphaltic base plastic cement. It is ready to use as it comes out of the can and can be applied with a trowel or knife. CRS™ plastic cement readily adheres to all prepared surfaces and will not sag, slip, or mudcrack, and will remain highly resilient and durable through all seasons. It is a multipurpose plastic cement for repairing leaks, cracked spots, holes in shingles, concrete, and steel or metal roofs. CRS™ plastic cement can be used on all flashings around skylights, gutters, and in all crevices.


PREPARATION: Surface must be clean and free from rust or any other foreign matter that would interfere with a good bond. Remove rust with a wire brush. For best results in cold weather, store at room temperature for 24 hours prior to application.

APPLICATION: Use a trowel, putty knife or gloved hand to repair cracks, tears, holes, and breaks by applying cement 1/8“ to 1/4” thick. Apply and work cement into break or crack, then apply cement 2”–4” beyond the problem area feathering the edges. Embed glass fabric to reinforce cement, then cover with additional cement, if problem area is over 1/4” wide or 2” long.

COVERAGE: Apply at a minimum rate of 1/8”. Approximate coverage is 12 square feet per gallon.

PRECAUTIONS: DO NOT THIN. DO NOT HEAT CONTAINER or store at temperatures greater than 120˚F. Be sure lid is tight and pail is secure when transporting this product. Do not allow pail to tumble as this may loosen the lid and allow leakage to occur.

CLEANUP: Clean tools with mineral spirits or paint thinner.

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