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EternaBond RoofSeal Roof Repair Tape


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EternaBond RoofSeal Roof Repair Tape

EternaBond RoofSeal Roof Repair Tape is a on-step permanent repair system for all types of commercial or residential flat-top roofing materials.  RoofSeal™ has a UV protected backing and creates a perfect moisture and air-tight barrier.  Once applied, no additional sealing is required!  This roof repair tape also remains flexible in temperature from-70°F, all the way to 212°F.    RoofSeal™ can be used to seal roof joints and seam, tears, skylights, cracked or broken flashing and more.  Not only is the product perfect for standard flat roof membranes, it is also perfect for restoring roofs on mobile homes and RVs!  The reason this roof repair tape is so effective is due to EternaBond®’s advanced MicroSealant® technology that uses a 100% solids formula made from synthetic resins, thermoplastics and non-curring rubber with built-in primer.  Simply the easiest and most affordable way to repair your roof!

Technical Data

Property Typical Value Test Method
180° Peel 5pli ASTM D413 @ 73°F (23°C)
Elongation 700% ASTM D 882
Pliability No cracks in membrane
Low Temperature Flexibility Passes 1/2″ radius at -30°F (-34°C) ASTM C765

Application Properties

  • Application Temperature = 40°F(4°C) to 150°F(65°C) ambient
  • Service Temperature = -40°F(-40°C) to 212°F(100°C)


Product Data Sheet

Surface Preparation

Surface of repair area must be cleaned of all moisture, dust, dirt or other particulates before applying tape.  You can remove oil and grease with a non-residue cleaner such as acetone or lacquer thinner.  If your surface is highly oxidized or can’t be easily cleaned, use EternaBond® EternaPrime® Spray Primer which will prepare the surface by coalescing all loose particles into a solid platform for the EternaBond RoofSeal Roof Repair Tape to adhere to.

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