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Chem Link 7.5 Inch ChemCurb Kit


Chem Link 7.5 Inch ChemCurb Kit

With the Chem Link 7.5 inch ChemCurb Kit, the penetration seals replace old-style metal pitch pans with versatile, precast components and pourable sealants. Chem Link‘s ChemCurb System can usually be installed in under 15 minutes and never requires flashing or mechanical attachment. This kit has everything you need to create 2 complete ChemCurb penetration seals.

ChemCurbs are compatible with many types of roofs including granulated modified bitumen, asphalt and built up roofing. They also work well with PVC, PIB, and TPO single ply roofing membranes. ChemCurbs are highly versatile for sealing penetrations around solar panel mounts, HVAC, Electrical, and any type of structural supports. When installing on a TPO membrane roof, make sure to use TPO primer!

When installed properly, this system forms a durable, waterproof rubber seal around penetrations.

ChemCurb precast form components are durable due to a composition of a gray polyester resin. The curb itself is 2 inches high and is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bisected circular curbs have an inside diameter of 7.5 or 5 inches. The outer surface is impervious to ice, corrosion, UV (ultraviolet light) and ponding water.

Each 7.5 Inch ChemCurb kit contains the following and has everything you need to create 2 complete ChemCurb penetration seals.

  • Curb sets – 2
  • 1/2 Gallon pouch of 1-Part Pourable Sealer – 2
  • 10.1 oz tubes of M-1 Adhesive & Sealant – 2


ChemCurb Technical Data Sheet

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Chemlink Product Code – F1306P

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