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Titebond Weathermaster Metal Roof Sealant Green #61781


12 pack of 9.5oz tubes

Color# 61781

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Titebond Weathermaster Metal Roof Sealant Green #61781

CRS stocks Titebond Weathermaster Metal Roof Sealant Green #61781 due to it’s superior polymer formula that adheres to all metals, including Kynar™ coated aluminum, galvanized steel, copper and other common building materials.  Other amazing features is it’s ability to be extruded in extreme temperatures, remains permanently flexible, will not shrink and adheres well to wet and damp surfaces.  This sealant is also resistant to dust and dirt and is paintable in 1 hour!

Titebond Metal Roof Color Matcher

Features and Benefits

  • Case of (12) 9.5 oz tubes
  • Ideal for sealing metal roofs, windows, doors, siding, gutters and vents
  • Seals: Kynar­™ Coated Metals, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Copper, PVC, Wood, Concrete, Masonry, Stucco, Wall Panels, Vinyl, Glass, Plastic, Siding, Flashing, Sheet Metal and most common building materials
  • Outperforms silicone, tripolymer and urethane sealants
  • Joint Movement is +-50%
  • UV-Resistant
  • Compatible with all types of foam
  • Applies in extreme weather conditions
  • Permanently Flexible and will not crack
  • Paintable in 1 hour (with exception of #61111 Translucent which is not paintable)
  • VOC-Compliant
  • Approved for use on building in both Miami-Dade County and throughout the county

Miami-Dade Approved

Physical Properties

  • Type – Elastomeric superior polymer
  • Reactive VOC – <50 g/L (<2%)
  • Solids – 100%
  • Viscosity – 102,000 cps white & colors; 650,000 cps clear & translucent
  • Freeze / Thaw Stability – Stable
  • Flashpoint – Solvent free so not applicable
  • Storage Life – 36 months in a dry location at or below 75°F; 24 months clear & translucent



  • ASTM C920 Type S Grade NS Class 50 Use T, NT, M, A & G
  • Federal Specification TT-S-00230C Type II Class A

Meets the requirements of:

  • CAN/CGSB-19 13-M87 Classification MCG-2-25-A-N


Product Data Sheet

Installation Guide

If you would like to see other sealants CRS offers, please click ‘here’.  For a handy color-matcher guide, please click ‘here’.

If you have any questions about this product or any other we sell, please feel free to call us at 1 (800) 267.2308.  You can also email us at

Color: Green #61781

Pac-Clad Match: Hartford Green

In stock and ready to ship!

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