5″ Chemlink Chem Curb Kit


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The ChemCurb System replaces the old style metal pitch pans with versatile precast curb components, pourable sealant, and structural adhesive/sealant.  The system can usually be installed in under 15 minutes and eliminates the need for flashing or mechanical attachment.  The ChemCurb System is designed for use on granulated modified bitumen, PVC, EPDM, PIB, TPO single ply, asphalt, and coal tar B.U.R. Please note TPO Primer must be used on TPO substrates.  When installed properly, the ChemCurb system forms a durable waterproof rubber seal around penetrations of any size.

  • Standard ChemCurb sizes are 7.5″ i.d. and 5″ i.d. round curbs.
  • Each ChemCurb is 2″ high.
  • ChemCurb Straights are available in 6″ and 12″ lengths. These are used to make the ChemCurb longer. The 6″ and 12″ sections fit both the 7.5″i.d. and the 5″i.d. curbs.
  • ChemCurb Corners are used to make box shaped curbs. Used with the Straights, ChemCurbs can be made to your own size specifications right on the job site. If multiple penetrations are present in one ChemCurb, a 1″ space should be maintained between penetrations and the inside edge of the ChemCurb.
  •  ChemCurbs are made of weather and U.V. resistant gray polyester resin.
  •  Fitting cuts to any of the ChemCurb sections can be easily done with a power saw and masonry blade. Eye protection shall be worn while cutting at all times.

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