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Portable Skylight Netting System


Net Size – 10′ x 10′

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Portable Skylight Netting System

The Portable Skylight Netting System by Tie Down is a simple and ideal way to temporarily work around skylights.  This netting system is an easy way to protect your workers from fall hazards.  The Portable Skylight Netting System comes in a carrying bag so the workers can maintain the three points of contact with the ladder.  The bag allows for easy storage and access, as well as protection from the elements.


  • Easy to set-up for fall protection use
  • Functions as a fall prevention system, protecting workers in the event of a fall into a skylight
  • When installed on a skylight that is permanently integrated into the roof, the system can be used as an anchorage connector.  Simply attach a compatible lanyard or SRL to ratchet strap and begin work with fall arrest
  • Two snap hooks included with each net to help gather loose netting
  • OSHA and ANSI Compliant


  • High tenacity polypropylene knotless net (HTTP)
  • Includes green web strapping & ratchet strap
  • Net Size -10′ x 10′
  • Mesh Size: 4″ square
  • Cord Diameter: 3/16″
  • Color: Bright Safety Orange
  • Border: Reinforced with rope border edges
  • Melting Point: 320° F


  • OSHA: 1910.23(a)(5) and 1926.501(b)(1)
  • ANSI: Z359, 1-07 and A10.32-12


Product Data Sheet

Installation Steps

  1. Prior to Installation, find a suitable anchorage connection for your fall protection.  Once netting is installed, the ratchet strap can be used as an anchorage point if the skylight is permanently secured into the roof structure.
  2. Remove the Skylight Netting from carrying bag.
  3. The green ratchet strap is already woven through the netting perimeter.
  4. Place the netting over the skylight.
  5. Wrap the straps around the outside of the frame of the skylight.  Make sure ratchet strap is free of snagging on the corners and fully sits underneath the lip of the skylight.
  6. Once in position, pull any excess webbing through the ratchet drum ensuring the corners are under the skylight flange.
  7. Use wench straps to secure the netting over the skylight.

Two snap hooks are included and can be used to help collect the excess net for skylights smaller than the net.  Any excess strapping can be tucked neatly under the flange of the skylight.

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