DuraLink 35 Dark Bronze – 24 case


Color: Dark Bronze

Duralink Color Card


DuraLink 35 Dark Bronze

DuraLink 35 Dark Bronze is an extremely elastic, moisture-cured sealant designed for use in metal architecture where joints are subject to movement. It resists dirt pickup and does not shrink or crack. DuraLink comes in 12 colors, is paintable and can be applied at low temperatures. DuraLink bonds with almost anything, including: acrylic, epoxy, galvanized steel, anodized aluminum, copper, vinyl siding and windows, wood, polystyrene foam, fiberglass panels, damp masonry and even Kynar (a special paint used on windows).

  • Weather-tight seal — designed for joints that expand and contract
  • Quick-setting — tack-free and rain-ready in 30 minutes
  • Non-toxic — solvent free, no formaldehyde or hazardous substances
  • Odor-free — pleasant to use; odorless when cured
  • Eco-friendly — low VOC
  • Versatile — applies vertically and overhead; interior or exterior use
  • Easy-to-use — water cleanup; paintable in 24 hours

Color: Dark Bronze

Duralink Color Card

DuraLink 35 Product Data Sheet

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